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Q & A From Salsa

Where do you offer tours?
 Coco Mama Tiki Room
Royal Villas Resort
 Hotel Playa Grande

What’s included on the tour?
3.5 hours of hands on salsa making and salsa dance class.
Transportation to and from venue, access of beach and pool area (in Mazatlan only).

What kind of food and drinks are available during the tour?
All you can drink Margaritas and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available, we also serve Jamaica, hibiscus iced tea and bottled of water.
We serve quesadillas, taquitos and tortilla 

chips to dip your salsas.
*Gluten free and vegetarian snacks are available with prior request from cruise line.

Is transportation provided?
Transportation is provided by the cruise line.
For private groups and/or events please contact the reservation department.

Is there wheelchair/disabled access?
We do have both venue and transportation wheelchair accessibility in Cabo and Mazatlan.
In Cozumel we tend to change our venue location due to weather issues, wheelchair accessibility may be available depending on the location please check with Shorex when purchasing your tickets.

Do you have an age limit?
Our tour was designed for all ages to enjoy!

Do you have a drinking age limit?
The age limit to drink is 21 years old.

What should I bring with me?
For our locations in Cozumel & Mazatlan we recommend you bring your bathing suit, towel and sun screen, to enjoy the pool and oceanfront. 

Is cash needed?
We encourage you to bring cash with you in case you want to purchase souvenirs, give tips or donate to the charity of the month through Lela the Pig!

What can I expect from the dance class?
Expect to learn the basics of salsa dancing.Those of you with two left feet no worries, the class is fun and easy to follow.

How do I book?
To book The Original Salsa and Salsa Tour, contact the Shore excursion desk of your cruise line. They will provide pricing for you. For all other inquiries please e-mail

Do you offer private shows?
Yes! To book your special events, birthdays, weddings, team building events contact us at

Are The Original Salsa and Salsa pop up shows available in my city?
For more details please contact us:

Do you have an online store?
If you are going to our show, we encourage you to get our fun items at the show since we don't have an online store available.

How do you cure a molcajete?
Soak your molcajete and manita in water for an hour. Dry it up, grind a couple of cloves of garlic, rinse it off, wash and let it dry again.

How to clean a molcajete:
Hand wash with soap and water. Let it dry completely before you put it away.

How to clean a lime squeezer:
Hand wash with soap and water. Let it dry completely before you put it away.
If you wish to deep clean you can let it soak in water with 2 tablespoons of bleach.

OOPS!! did you forget your recipe sheet?
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Mexico´s # 1 Cooking & Dance Tour
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Reservations Are Closed On Sundays
Mexico´s # 1 Cooking & Dance Tour
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Reservations Are Closed On Sundays