L.E.L.A. - Lead.Encourage.Live.Act
Lela the Pig was created in January of 2010 right after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Her goal is to collect donations from guests who visit Salsa and Salsa (www.salsaandsalsa.com) and help make a difference around the world. Each month, Lela the Pig chooses a new cause to donate to. Her helping hands have touched the lives in Chile, Haiti, USA, Mexico, New Zealand and many more.

In December 2010, Lela the Pig II was born and joined The Original Salsa and Salsa Team in Cozumel. In Feb. 2011, Lela the Pig III was created in Los Cabos. Together, all three Lelas will help collect for noble causes.

The Original Salsa and Salsa (www.salsaandsalsa.com) would like to thank the thousands of donors who have opened their hearts and donated over 80K usd. For more information about Lela the Pig follow her on Facebook (Lela the Pig) Fan Page.

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