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Salsa Cozumel
Salsa Los Cabos
Shortly after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Two Dancing Chefs wanted to do something to help their fellow brothers and sisters in in January 2010, Lela the Donating Pig was born.
Spice it up! - Mexico's spiciest party snacks

There is something about eating spicy food that is down-right addictive. Even though you feel that your tongue is on fire, you can’t feel your lips and you’ve broken out in a sweat, you will continue to crave spicy food!
Mexico has a huge variety of dishes that involve chilis: ranging from the mild Poblano or Pasilla chili to the fiery Habanero. The spiciness of a chili is due to the natural active component ‘Capsaicin’ and it’s measured in Scoville Heat Units. Eating spicy food is not a competition though: we love to s ...
Even though there were only the 3 of us, we had a FANTASTIC time! ...
Dodi Yobs
Denville, NJ
Salsa and Salsa is a great time! We had fun, didn't travel far from ...
Art and Margaret Smith
Southaven, MS
My husband and I experienced Salsa & Salsa during a recent cruise stop in Cozumel. ...
Diane Seeger
Baltimore, Maryland
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