Dancing Chefs - Meet Our Crew


Operational Base: Los Cabos

Part Crew Since: 2012

Suzanne is from England, although she has not spent much time there over the past 18 years, preferring to settle in the sun!.

She loves Mexico and feels an infinity with the people and ambiance of the country.

From 18 years old she was traveling the world dancing in shows in luxury hotels, theaters and aboard cruise ships.

She now has her own business BarkinMad Productions, to produce her own Musical Theater shows around the globe. Her latest shows in Mexico have been a huge success, with audiences up to 900.

Suzanne has a permanent supply of energy, and loves bringing that to Salsa and Salsa to make everyone feel as happy in Cabo San Lucas as she is!


Operational Base: Cabo

Part Crew Since: 2016

Ari was born in Monterrey, Mexico where she lived and studied until she finished her major in Human Resources. She loves to travel and learn language! She did this for a while by working as a freelance translator. She married and lived and lived in Spain for 1 year. Afterwards moved to Cabo San Lucas where she has been living since. She enjoys swimming, having fun in the ocean, listening to music, dancing and spending time with friends.


Operational Base: Cabo

Part Crew Since: Cabo

My name is Ceci, I was born in Uruguay, but when I was 18 my parents moved to Los Cabos, and I am so happy that they did as now I am a fully Mexican Citizen and have never felt anywhere more like home than here where my heart is now set! Although qualified in administration, I have always loved to dance and enjoy music, once arriving in Los Cabos I began to follow my dream and now give performances in African Dance, Contemporary and fire shows in various hotels and events around Cabo San Lucas. I met dancing chef Suzanne whilst practicing our shared passion of aerial silks and we went on to working on board the Legend Pirate Ship, where I also danced aerial silks and modern dance. I like to keep myself busy, so I also teach Spanish to English students and have a beautiful 7 year old daughter who keeps me on my toes. She loves nothing more than to cook and dance with me! I love being part of Salsa and Salsa as it gives me an opportunity to speak to guests in English and to dance, I am so happy to be able to be part of a fun team. See you all in Cabo!


Operational Base: Cabo

Part Crew Since: Cabo

Alejandra was born in Mexico City. As a little girl her father instilled in her a love for the sea and travelling. She spent many blissful hours on her family’s sailboat in Acapulco. She moved to Ensenada to get her Bachelors Degree in Oceanography where she lived for 12 years. She paid her way through university by giving tours to the cruise ship passengers just like most of you. That’s when she realized she also loved working with people an the service industry was her forte. Life gave her the opportunity to combine both of her passions. She was offered a position on a private yacht where she worked and travelled for 13 years. Throughout her years and destinations, Cabo is the only place on the planet that captured her heart so she decided to call it home. With her Latin roots, Salsa and Salsa fits like a glove.