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Shortly after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Two Dancing Chefs wanted to do something to help their fellow brothers and sisters in in January 2010, Lela the Donating Pig was born.
It's Taco Time!!!

Fact: in Mexico we love to eat and especially during parties. And there is always something to celebrate: a birthday, an anniversary, a baptism or first communion or just because it’s Sunday! If you have to feed a big group of people, you need to have a lot of food and the best option is to have a ‘taquiza’. A taquiza is basically a taco party, where you choose from a variety of taco fillings to put on your (hand-made) tortillas and add copious amounts of salsa. If this sounds like the kind of party you would like to attend, keep reading…… ...
We thought we knew salsa, being from Texas and all, but we had a great ...
Tom Shumaker
San Antonio TX
We had a blast. These two ladies are just fun. It was as ...
Yates and Joanne Haigler
Harpers Ferry
Best excursion ever! Made the salsa at home it turned out great, oh and the ...
Brenda McLin
Las Vegas, NV
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